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Liandri may refer as one of the following: Liandri Mining Corporation, one of the three main corporations of the Unreal universe and responsible for the Liandri Grand Tournament. DM-Liandri, a Deathmatch map of Unreal Tournament. The Corrupt, the robot team sponsored by Liandri. Liandri. Liandri Mining Corporation. 5 likes. Power, Wealth, Conquest.

Steam Workshop: No More Room in Hell. Liandri Mining Corporation - PvP Deathmatch Zombie hunters from all over the world have discovered a new way to earn some cash fighting each other. This huge facility has all you need to finish you. Liandri Mining Corporation [Unreal Tournament] by WASD, released 22 January 2016 In 2291, in an attempt to control violence among deep space miners, the New Earth Government legalized no-holds-barred fighting. The Liandri Mining Corporation established a series of leagues and bloody public exhibitions. Soon, Liandri discovered that the public.

The Liandri Grand Tournament, often shortened to simply The Tournament, is a world-spanning tournament sponsored by the Liandri Mining Corporation, which serves as the backdrop for theUnreal Tournament and Unreal Championship video games. It evolved. The Liandri Grand Tournament is the world-spanning Tournament sponsored and tri-cast by the Liandri Mining Corporation. It evolved from the underground leagues and matches used by mining companies to channel aggression on the mining worlds. The Unreal Tournament series of. The Axon Research Corporation is one of the four known major corporations in the Unreal universe. While Liandri is primarily concerned with mining and its Tournament, Izanagi with whatever makes money, and Phayder's motives are unknown, Axon is heavily invested in much scientific and technological research. The exact details of the Necris procedure are equally unknown. The companies financial status is relatively unknown, however, considering the Necris process expense and the Phayder's possession of entire lakes of nanoblack they could be more or less wealthy than the Liandri Mining Corporation. "Their famous motto is: 'No-one kills like the dead.'".

Bio Edit. Xan Kriegor is a Cybernetic being and champion of multiple Tournaments. Xan may have been created in a robot factory on the asteroid LBX-7683 in the Erican Cluster, where he functioned as a mining robot built by the Liandri Mining Corporation. The Corrupt are a human-built intelligent Robot faction who fight in the Liandri Grand Tournament, and owned by the Liandri Mining Corporation. The team is known for their leader, Xan Kriegor, the former champion of the Tournament. In Unreal Tournament 3 they're led by Matrix, formerly a highly enhanced Human, then a full-fledged robot. The Liandri Mining Corporation is a wealthy rock, mineral and gas conglomerate operating out of WW Piscis Austrini. In recent years, they have expanded their interests into the privateering and contracting services realm. They now operate and provide support to every corner of civilized space through firepower and philanthropy.

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