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The Holland Lop cage must have a place for food, water, sleep and additional space for the movements of the Holland Lop bunny. It would be ideal to place a toilet in one corner known as Litter Box. At the bottom of the cage, it is best to put straw, sawdust or hornbeam. Find the perfect cage for your Holland Lop whether they live inside or outside, as well as rabbit toys to keep them entertained! Similar Breeds. Because of certain features in the Holland Lop, they are prone to specific health issues. You may wish to consider healthier breeds. The Lop Shop. HANDMADE cozy fleece items to pamper your bunny! Fleece snuggle mats, bunny beds, water bottle drip mats, and litter pan liners. The middle layer of our rabbit cage liners, bunny snuggle mats, bunny beds, litter box liners, and potty pads is an incredibly thirsty fabric. Note that the Miniature Lop, found in the UK can be slightly smaller than the Dutch and it is not the same as the American Mini Lop. Holland Lop lifespan is 7 and 12 years. The average Holland Lop lifespan is 7 to 12 years. Some bunnies can live as little as five years while others can live up to 15 years. Holland Lop History. According to the brief history on the website of the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club and the book “Domestic Rabbits And Their Histories” by Bob Whitman, this breed took more than a decade to develop. Adrian de Cock, a rabbit breeder in Holland, began the process in 1949.

The suggested size for a rabbit hutch or enclosure for two rabbits is a minimum of 180cm x90cm x 90cm. This allows your Mini lop enough space to sleep, eat and move around comfortably. As a general guide, the cage for your Mini Lop should be at least 4 times the size of the rabbit. 12/02/2013 · Hello my name is Qwerty, I am a Rabbit Care And Behavioral Specialist. I will answer your questions. I own a Holland Lop myself. First off, any rabbits are not cage animals. You see, they need at least 2 hours or 1 hour of excersize a day! Including their excersize in their home which would be a cage if you bought one. Holland Lops for Sale 8 weeks old and ready for pick up!----prices are determined on size and color----NOTE: We sell a whole cage package including a cage, litter box, bowls, rabbit litter, pellets, hay- everything needed with an easy cleaning cage for a total of $175.

Beh & Yo Rabbitry - Quality Pedigreed Rabbits in Malaysia. 6.5K likes. We breed pedigreed Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf and Dwarf Hotot in KL/Selangor.
20/02/2009 · Hey everyone, I have a Holland Lop named Pepper and was wondering what cage you Holland Lop moms and dads are using? Is yours a specific brand name? What is your buns cage size? Peppers cage is a hand me down and is 30 inches long X 17 1/2 inches wide X 17 inches tall. He is probably 2 pounds already and so i do not expect him to get too much.

The Holland Lop is classified under two groups, based on the patterns of its fur coat, and divided between solid and broken patterns. A solid pattern means the rabbit has just one color throughout its body while a broken pattern indicates patches of two or more colors on the rabbit.

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